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The Sensemble Cloud Platform

Posted on Tuesday, April 1, 2014 12:00 AM



The Sensemble Cloud Platform is live.

The pressures on local authority today are huge, requiring further platforms with increased functionality to keep up with modern technology. In the same breath, budget is being reduced.

The pace of business is increasingly fast and evolving, from location or campaigns, to products and mergers.

The requirement for a cloud storage solution is more important than ever.

  • Our cloud platform will provide you access on the go, from any device.
  • Relocation is easy; with everything stored on our cloud platform, you have no need for bulky servers or storage on site.
  • Flexibility is key with the cloud. Needing more data capacity quickly is no longer an issue.
  • Be good to the Earth and decrease your carbon footprint, by only using the server space you actually need.
  • Say goodbye to long-winded disaster recovery processes, we do the backups for you.
  • Remote working and instant updates from customers and colleagues; promotes efficiency and motivation.
  • When things are stored in the cloud the security issues related with lost property is no longer an issue, easily access your data anywhere with an Internet connection.