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Housing Wizard

Posted on Friday, August 1, 2014 12:00 AM



Sensemble have developed an easily integrated online self-help housing tool for local authorities, at a fraction of the cost of current competitors.

 Benefits of this include:

  •       Easy and fast implementation – pre-built to fit current systems
  •       Increased resource efficiency - channel shift from human resource to online tool
  •       Huge yearly saving in comparison to current online housing tools on the market

 Via your local authority website or app, local residents will be able to quickly identify which housing options are available to them, without the need to visit the local authority offices.

This means fewer resources are required for onsite appointments.

After completing a straightforward online form, residents will be provided with a personalised action plan and instructions on what to do next.

 As an example of ROI, recent use of our tool by one local authority resulted in 70% of applicants being instructed as non-eligible. Leaving just 30% of eligible applicants to process in a formal procedure.