Mobile CRM by Sensemble. Mobilise your workforce.

The ultimate mobile CRM solution is here: access contacts, cases, accounts and custom entities - all on demand – and with the Sensemble mobile app, you can even monitor your team's location for remote assignments. A truly mobile workforce has never been easier.

Clear cases

Our mobile CRM app allows you to monitor and manage cases on the go, add additional notes and even include attachments.

Highly secure

By authenticating against your CRM system, we ensure only authorised users have access. All information on the device is encrypted for enhanced security.

Location aware

By using our mobile CRM app you can assign cases based on the location of your mobile workforce – who can also themselves receive push notifications. The result? Case and customer are dealt with quickly, which improves overall efficiency.

Why go mobile CRM with us…

Mobile CRM by Sensemble has been designed from the ground up. Easy to use, it will have you running an efficient and secure mobile workforce in no time at all.

  • Effortless. Anyone familiar with your business processes will be able to pick up our mobile CRM app and use it straight ‘out of the box’. If they’ve used an app on their smartphone before, trust us - using our mobile CRM app will come naturally.
  • Streamlined. When one of your cases, contacts or accounts is updated through our mobile app, the normal workflows you have in your CRM system will be triggered; ensuring the lifecycle of the case isn’t interrupted.
  • Efficient. No more bulky pads, wads of paper and lost documents. Our mobile CRM app is made for a mobile workforce that craves convenience. All updates are submitted via our app for a quicker, smoother operation.
  • Fast. We even have modules that allow you to connect mobile printers, allowing your mobile workforce to issue letters and notices on the spot; rather than having to return to the office.

Join us - it’s easy to connect…

We believe you should be able to choose the device you want for your own mobile workforce.

  • We currently provide our mobile CRM app on both Android and Apple platforms with a Windows 8 version due for release in Q3 2014.
  • You’ll find no more expensive procurement issues with us.

We will simply never sacrifice on quality or features. All of our mobile apps are designed to work with you and your employees in mind. For the best user experience, a happy mobile workforce, slick efficiency and quality mobile CRM, the answer is simple: Sensemble.