Careers @ Sensemble

If you want to work in a challenging, fun and rewarding environment, it's time to join the Sensemble team!

Job: .NET Developer

Location: London

5+ years experience working with the MS technology stack. Must be the type of person that gets excited about writing code. As well as working on multiple client projects, you will have the opportunity to contribute to new ideas and coming up with new ways of developing.

Role Overview:

Using a variety of tools and languages you will be held responsible for creating new and unique products. Working at the cutting edge of technology, you will be involved in highly-critical development tasks for some of the best companies in London.

You will join our smart team of devs, who currently use the following technical skills:

  • C#
  • MVC
  • CSS/JavaScript/JQuery/HTML
  • SQL Server

The key attributes we look for in anyone looking to join us are:

Passion Whether its selling, developing, testing or running the office, you will need to demonstrate that you care and are passionate about what you do.

Innovative As a start-up everyone can get involved in helping drive Sensemble forward. We do not want any shrinking violets! Everyone is empowered to make things happen so we need people that speak up, challenge the ordinary and see the bigger picture.

Fun We believe that unless you have fun at work, you won’t deliver to your best. There is pressure to get things done and deadlines to meet, but we want everyone to have fun doing it. So a sense of humour is a must.

Sensemble provide interesting and challenging work that is both motivating and rewarding. We are first and foremost developer led and team orientated.
Being a fast paced growing start-up means working for us will provide constant opportunities to learn and grow - in a fun team culture.

Currently based in the City, we will be moving to the ‘Tech City’ in the coming months and have an office culture to suit.

Please apply with your CV and a covering letter to