Customer Portal

Customer Portal

Built and ready to go: A portal that allows users to self-serve, connect and interact. Proven and live for local authorities, and now with an expanded feature set to include any public facing company. Ready, faster, better.

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

Think customers engaging using the mobile device of their choice. Think mobile workers staying connected when working away from the office. Think easy to use, a great user experience, easy to deploy, and easy to buy.
Mobile: Easy

Appointment Management

Appointment Management

Appointments 360 – never be late again. Customers booking online, automated check-in terminals, text message reminders, officer reminders and dynamic waiting screens. Resources, people and facilities all in one place. If bringing people together matters, we've got you covered.

Local Authority – Customer Portal

Our local authority customer portal is a solution to allow your customers to self-serve which in turn will drive efficiencies within your local authority. We currently offer the following services with lots more planned for 2014.

  • Environmentals
  • Council Tax
  • Benefits
  • Housing Rents
  • Renewing Parking Permits
  • Ordering Landfill/Recycling Bins
  • Housing Application Forms
  • Financial Assessment Application
  • Childcare Safeguarding
  • Training Course Booking System

Our range of cloud based services help streamline your business

The Sensemble Integration Platform. Our products connect customers and employees. We believe in re-use; strongly. So we have a wide range of API’s to connect people and systems. On-premise or cloud systems for integration. So no matter what systems you already have in place, we can connect.

Who are we?

Sensemble are a savvy, developer led company who create works of art – with code.

Our Philosophy

If we were to describe Sensemble in a single phrase, it would be Innovate and Deliver. Since we started, we have aimed to take our customers greatest challenges and turn them into success stories.

Our approach to continual software and services innovation is the cornerstone of our ability to create better solutions; better delivered.

We team up with Local Authorities, Government organisations and businesses, to make their everyday processes run smoother, faster and most importantly, in budget.

Being an innovation led company means we are creative, agile and always open to a new way of doing things. In turn, our customers receive an advanced product, which keeps them ahead of the game, and their competition. We constantly keep up to speed with the fancy tech stuff and that’s why customers know they can return to us when things need a spruce up. Imagine – no more legacy!

  • We’re independent so we can put you at the centre of our business.
  • We don’t mince our words…fortunately for us; our products speak for themselves
  • We know how new technologies make life and business easier… we use them too.

All of our products are cloud based (though we can deploy on-premise) to provide the utmost flexibility to our customers, and even us. In addition we design our products for the device of choice, whether that be iPhone, Android, Windows 8, Tablet or PC. We know the importance of being able to work remotely and allowing your customers to do the same. We value our tight-knit tech team and push for an innovative, challenging and open culture. So each and every Monday that comes around in the Sensemble quarters, is a good one.

Our goals


Our creative open door culture allows everyone’s ideas to be heard…two heads are better than one.


Unique and inspiring products using the latest technologies and a very smart team of energised people


On time, from the ground up and tailored specifically for the needs of our customers… and their customers.

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